That would turn me off. I drive up to Thunderhill a few times a year and pass over the Benicia bridge (it's shorter than detouring through Livermore and Stockton, and I avoid the mess that is traffic on 580). For the privilege of towing my little teardrop trailer behind my Miata, I pay a $15 toll to cross that… » 3/02/15 8:30pm Monday 8:30pm

For this kind of money, you can probably find an old-ish used subcompact or even a small pickup truck. It'll probably have a lot of miles on it, it won't be the Ultimate Driving Machine, and in the case of the subcompact it won't be rear-wheel drive either. But chances are it runs, and any mechanical problems can be… » 3/01/15 11:47am Sunday 11:47am